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A Manusa door can completely adapt to the needs of every client thanks to the wide range of accessories available. Different types of activation, control and safety devices allow configuring specific automatic doors for unique requirements.
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Openlinx is an advanced communication device for controlling any Manusa automatic door or access control system.
It allows connection of any automatic door to any building automation system or industrial communication bus, allowing integrated and remote control of all operating modes, parameters and alarms in a common system, with other building facilities or infrastructure.
It also supports the Manulink system, so that, a door can also be monitored individually using its resident Webserver.
It is software for centralized control of automatic doors. Manulink allows selecting the operating mode of the doors at any time, monitoring its status, receiving alerts in real time and scheduling operating modes. In addition, IP cameras can be integrated in the system, and also display data from Manusa flow control systems and counting people.
Airlinx wireless program switch
Airlinx wireless program switch
It allows the remote control of one or several automatic doors, as well as the reception of state information.
The possibility to create a wireless net of doors without using any kind of wiring is the differential advantage of Airlinx.
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Motion sensor
Activates and opens the door when the sensor detects movement approaching the door.
Sensor DDS
DDS Hybrid Sensor
Innovative detector for automatic sliding doors that combines microwave technology to open the door with active infrared technology (AIR) for pedestrian protection.
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Presence & movement sensor
Activates and opens the door when the sensor detects movement approaching the door, or just presence of a person or object standing next to it.
Activates and opens the door when pressed.
A wireless version is also available.
Elbow push-button
When pressed with the elbow, it will activate and open the door.
Comfortable operation thanks to its large size.
A wireless version is also available.
Touch-less switch
Moving your hand or elbow close to the sensor, it will open the door with no physical touch. It is very useful for doors located in narrow corridors and clean rooms.
Access control system
Only opens the door when the person has been authorised.
A wireless version also available.
Optima program switch
Device to select the door operating mode (open mode, closed mode, automatic mode...). It will also show a malfunction code on the display to ease the diagnostic of a break-down.
Smart program switch
Device to select the door operating mode (open, closed, automatic...), to access the technical service functions and visualize malfunction reports.
Remote control
In combination with the program switch, it allows to change the door operating mode from the distance, totally wirelessly. A different remote control allows to just activate and open the door.
A sensor that detects the presence of objects or people within the door threshold, preventing it to close if there is an obstruction.
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Automatic Lock
Placed inside the operator, the lock is activated by the program switch , the external key or the remote control, when the door changes to Close operating mode.
External key-switch
Device to increase the safety of the automatic door from the outside, even in the event of power failure. A wireless version also available.
Produces a sound every time a person crosses the threshold of the automatic door.
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Floor lock
Holds the door leaves to the floor for extra security.
DDS-S lateral safety sensor
Innovative detector with active infrared technology (AIR) for pedestrian protection in the opening zone of the power operated pedestrian sliding doors, providing an especially important protection when the users are elderly, infirm, disabled persons and young children.
Staff access identification
Portable and wireless device that allows the door to be opened exclusively to those who carry the device.



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