Barcelona Prat Airport

Location Barcelona
Year 2009
Sector Airports
Solutions Duotor automatic revolving doors
Hinged doors
Sliding doors
One of the places with the highest traffic of people per square meter is an airport. Every year, millions of people check in their luggage, switch terminals, take off and land in thousands of cities around the world.

Hoping that travellers who have visited Barcelona airport had a pleasant experience in their transit and waiting, we, Manusa, have installed 510 automatic doors in Terminal 1 of this airport facility designed by Ricardo Bofill Levi.

We installed sliding, swing, transparent and revolving doors. The sliding doors -both Bi- part and single-slide leaf opening - were installed for entrances and exits where flow of passengers is more intense, and the safety of the users is linked to the same flow of traffic. This is also something that is observed in the swing doors, which provide functionality, design and safety.

Revolving doors -of the Duotor model- are ideal to maintain the air conditioning of the buildings’ interior that make up the terminal and, in addition, give a modern, avant- garde and distinctive touch.

Its thermal insulation and soundproofing together with its safety applied to the user make sustainability one of the pillars of this project. The fact that the revolving door was installed gives each sector more space, something that travellers appreciate throughout their transit. The exclusive design of the Duotour turns a normal entrance into an attractive and ecological entrance.

The installation of these doors, together with the whole of Terminal 1, have turned the Barcelona airport, managed by Aena, into one of the easiest airports to move around. This gave way to the increase and improved transit of travellers, and achieving a pleasant experience in the facilities on the whole.
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Juan Pérez
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