Concealable-panel corridors in airports

Airports throughout the world are constantly working to improve their installations. By ensuring passengers have a pleasant wait and improving their transit through terminals, airports give added value that enhances the travellers stay and creates a good impression before, during and after their flight.

Nowadays, there are automatic accesses in airports that were unseen until recently called concealable-panel corridors. These elements are normally found in other types of premises that need an access control system, such as offices or gymnasiums.

Years ago, for example, staff at most large airports generally supervised and checked travellers’ tickets and documents manually when passing through various access points. This task is becoming increasingly automated in airports worldwide, although the final check before entering the plane is still performed manually for security reasons.

Corridors leading to airport security control: ABC system

The ABC system is a transit flow management system used at border terminals found in ports, airports and at road borders. They are unmanned checkpoints where users can carry out all the procedures required of passengers in a single step. ABC systems are customisable and include a passport reader, fingerprint reader, ID card reader, facial recognition equipment and a screen with an interface for communicating with users.

Swing panels for passenger terminal VIP areas

Once inside the terminal, smart accesses are very useful in spaces such as VIP areas. Access to these zones is reserved for the airline operators’ key clients and passengers travelling in business class.

The corridors with swing panels for accessing VIP rooms give the access point an elegant, modern appearance and improve the transit, privacy and security of these exclusive areas.
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