The best automatic access control systems in banks

It is increasingly common to carry out banking transactions over the internet. But the fact that we use mobile apps, the computer or the mobile phone to make transfers or check the money we have in the bank does not mean that banks have disappeared from the city’s streets.

Although it is true that some banks have chosen to remove some of their branches, a great many people visit them every day in order to carry out all kinds of financial transaction, especially more complex ones. Furthermore, people who are unfamiliar with technology and on-line banking continue to use the physical branches of their bank.

Like in many other sectors, the bank has been using automatic doors in its branches for years. This type of entrance streamlines the flow of customers and employees and provides security against robberies and undesired intrusions.

Among all the types of Manusa products that can be installed in banks is the standard automatic sliding door that provides the fastest opening speed in the market. Along with this access model is the telescopic sliding door and the curved and semicircular sliding door.

Automatic doors that guarantee a high level of security must be mentioned along with these. For example, emergency or panic break-out doors that include photocell systems, automatic lock and personnel identification. They can also be managed via remote control.

Also highly valued in this delicate sector are sliding blast resistant doors, which are ideal to protect the façade of the bank. In terms of operations, they have very low energy requirements and meet all safety conditions. They are also equipped with automatic sensor to detect any obstruction in order to stop and reverse the doors immediately.

This type of product is essential for banks. For safes and rooms where sensitive material is stored, the installation of access control systems using a password or fingerprint or iris reader is also important. Companies are already working on standardising facial recognition to open doors in the future.
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Juan Pérez
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