Interlock systems for bank branches

Obviously, security is one of the most important aspects for any branch of a bank. Interlock systems have become one of the leading solutions for managing access control in banks.

They can be used to prevent the entry of unwanted intruders or anyone carrying weapons or heavy metals, and the door can be locked automatically. This means employees and customers will feel secure while going about their business in the bank’s branch.

Manusa’s interlock systems are the most versatile solutions on the market thanks to their multiple configuration options, customisability and adaptability to the installation environment.

How does the interlock system work in a bank branch?

An interlock system usually comprises two or more elements arranged in succession, one after the other, thereby forcing people to pass through them in a controlled manner. So, after passing through the first door, it closes and in a few seconds the second door opens into the branch.

Thanks to the diverse range of Manusa products, we can create any type of interlock system with linear, curved and swing doors. And they can be activated by means of access control devices, such as cards or biometric systems.

Regardless of the client’s choice of door and access control, interlock systems offer multiple options for control and external connectivity, so they can be integrated with the premises’ other access control elements. This makes it easier to supervise and manage access from a security office.

We also have a wide range of accessories including movement sensors, pressure sensors, thermal sensors, camera systems, card readers, biometric readers, facial recognition systems, RFID readers and volumetric sensor systems.

Interlock systems clearly improve the safety and well-being of employees and customers, while also giving bank branches perfect control over capacity.
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