The best automatic doors for dogs, cats and pets

Over recent decades, dogs, cats and other pets have become yet another member of the family. There are homes in which several animals live together with humans in love and harmony. Although it seems we should not consider our pets when thinking about the automatic opening and closure systems in our home, it is important to weigh up the situation.

Despite the fact that animals are agile and it has been proven that they are capable of turning a handle to open a door, you might not want your pet to enter certain rooms of your home and do not want to leave these rooms locked. The best solution is, for example, an automatic door that is remote control activated or the uses a button that is out of reach of animals.

Likewise, if your home has a garden, you can install an access so that you pet can come and go as it pleases. We are used to kitchen doors with a small flap at the bottom for the animal to enter. Latest technologies have now launched systems onto the market that only open when they detect your pet’s microchip to avoid intruders in the home.

In this case, you must bear in mind the weight, width and size of your pet. Furthermore, if you want this system to be energy efficient and save on electricity bills, you can connect it to a solar panel.

If your bond with animals is not just limited to the pets you might have in the home but also includes horses, cows or chickens, you can also install automatic doors to open pens, stables or other parts of the farm or estate by remote control.

These smart systems can be included among the different home automation accessories for your home. The internet of things has already reached the animal world and pet owners should make the most of it for their own benefit and that of their animals.
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Juan Pérez
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