Automatic doors for basements and storage rooms

Many buildings and semi-detached or detached houses have basements and storage rooms. It is commonplace for each home in a housing block to have a storage room in which to store things not used on a daily basis, or utensils, clothing, old items or furniture that no longer fits in any other room of the house.

Basements can be found quite often in terraced, semi-detached or detached houses. This room is normally next to the underground garage of the house, although sometimes it is located in another part of the plot.

Door automation is not only limited to the entrances to houses, but automatic access systems can also be installed in storage rooms and basements. This provides greater security with regard to burglaries, intrusions or any types of problem that may arise.

The basement is accessed, if it is below the garden for example, through a hydraulic, electric or manual hatch. It can also be accessed through a door and some steps if there is an entrance from the house or the garage.

It can be accessed from the house through a door that is opened using any kind of accessory, such as remote control, proximity control, access control with an encrypted numerical code, or photocells.

The type of entrance system can also be applied to the basement. If the place where you live has a residents’ association, installing automatic accesses would be complex because the majority agreement by the owners to the financial disbursement involved in completing the work would be required.

The installation of an automatic fire door is very useful and recommendable in both rooms. If there is a fire in the home, you can rest assured that the fireproof door will save the contents stored in the storage room and the basement.

Some designers and architects are already working on projects involving home automation in which many of the doors are automatic to make life easier for their inhabitants. Will automatic doors be part of the lives of many homes in the coming decades?
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Juan Pérez
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