The Best Automatic Doors for Residential Access

Residential areas may have various types of access. Whether it is an entrance to a set of dwellings distributed in chalets or blocks of flats, or an entrance to a single property. In both cases, if the residential building is more than 20 years old, it is most likely to have a manual door for access or, at most, a door that opens remotely via an intercom, entry phone with a keypad or video entry system.

Many architects today continue to design dwellings with manual access. Usually, only garage doors are automated. Although automation is already implemented in many houses, automatic doors are not considered an essential product that should be part of any neighbourhood community.

How to automate access doors?

If we live in a house with a heavy manual swing door at the entrance, we could choose to automate it. Doing so, we would achieve greater energy efficiency for the building; it will never be left open by mistake, obtaining greater security against intrusions or thieves; and it would be a great help when we arrive loaded with shopping bags or with our hands full, as we will not have to push it open.

To install an automatic door in an entrance, we first need to contact a professional who could assess us and indicate the best solutions and products that exist on the market. Later, the design of the door will be carried out, taking measurements and looking at the spatial possibilities for accessing the house. The nest steps will be manufacturing and installing the product, together with the possibility of including various accessories that will provide added value to the automatic system.

The residential-access automatic opening system to be installed may be a sliding or a swing door. It is important to have all the manufacturers and installers guarantees, so as to contact the service technician should any repairs be required.
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