Hygiene safety in common-interest developments

Due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus COVID19 pandemic, all sectors of society have taken measures to prevent viral infection. Most people wash their hands several times a day with soap and water or with disinfectant gel. Masks and gloves have also become yet another element of our every-day routines.

One of the most important aspects is how to ensure hygiene in common-interest developments and residential areas. In most of them, the property administrator has contacted the residents to put into place a series of intensive cleaning and disinfection protocols for communal areas such as stairways, lift, entrance or landings.

But what other action can be taken in common-interest developments? Without a doubt, what helps most avoid any contact at building entrances and exits is the automatic door. This helps avoid pushing or turning knobs, holding onto handles, opening a lock or pulling on a door.

Automatic doors and hygiene to fight infection

Access through automatic doors gives people complete hygiene safety. Faced with this new scenario created by the pandemic, it is both recommendable and necessary to adapt the accesses to residential areas or to common-interest developments. The following are the benefits and advantages of installing automatic doors in a residential building:

  • Accessibility: Ideal for any user with reduced mobility (elderly, wheelchairs) or with difficult access (distribution, pushchairs) thanks to their automatic detection.

  • Safety and hygiene: Full access control and one hundred per cent hygiene safety because nothing has to be touched for them to open.

  • Design and exclusivity: Modern, attractive design that encourages entry without noticing the change in space. Automation of existing doors.

  • Added value: Increased safety and property value. Advice from Manusa throughout the installation process. Cheaper than a traditional door.

Along with this, there is an extensive catalogue of touchless accessories. Everyone is responsible for stopping this pandemic. We must look after ourselves both inside and outside the home. We can achieve this by pulling together.
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Juan Pérez
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