Proximity sensors in residential gateways

Technology is evolving day by day to improve people's lives. Engineers, designers, and professionals from companies in the industrial sector and new technology are working in research, development and innovation departments in search of optimal results.

One of the places where we spend most of our lives is our home. The home is the place where we rest, spend our leisure time, and spend time with family and friends. In our home we also want technology to be actively implemented.

This situation is well known to architects, builders, and real estate developers. In many new residential projects, automatic doors are already integrated as a matter of course as a necessary and beneficial element for the residents. Automatic doors at the entrance of the building or at the exterior pedestrian access to a property or development add value to the residential area, which is reflected in aspects such as security, design, and state-of-the-art technology.

These intelligent accesses are activated thanks to a hybrid motion and presence or security sensor. This means that if a neighbor wants to enter or leave the building, they do not have to use their hands or a classic metal key to open or close the door.

The best proximity sensor for an outdoor area

Manusa automatic doors can integrate a proximity sensor that is ideal for outdoor spaces. Thanks to this innovative element, we can operate the door without touching it, simply by moving our hand a few centimeters away from the device, to access common areas such as the swimming pool or storage rooms.

Its functionality, design, reliability and connectivity are a guarantee of success and make Manusa's proximity sensors the best on the market.

If you are an architect and want to improve your residential project including automatic doors with a high-performance proximity sensor, contact us and we will work with you throughout the process of custom design, manufacture, and installation of intelligent accesses. Also contact us if you are a property manager or the president of a neighborhood community that wants to improve the access to the house.
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