The security of automatic doors in apartment blocks

Many families and individuals take out insurance policies to cover the event of their homes being burgled. This a great option when combined with the installation of armoured doors in the home’s entrance. Yet it would be even better if secure measures were also installed in the building’s communal areas.

Entrance doors giving access to apartment blocks must be just as secure as the actual homes; a point that must not be overlooked to avoid unpleasant surprises.

There are several products suitable for installation in apartment blocks which give the building a modern, efficient and secure image. Automatic doors and access control systems can be configured to open via remote control.

The most suitable automatic doors for communal residential areas are standard sliding doors. They could be either bi-parting or side-opening models. Their installation in residential buildings results in improved transit for residents, as they do not have to take their keys out to open the door or access the building in the case of reduced mobility due to the use of crutches or a wheelchair.

On the other hand, if the building has a spacious lobby, the community could choose to install an automatic revolving door. This product, besides giving the apartment block a touch of prestige, is perfect when it comes to controlling the building’s climate. In addition to these two models there is the telescopic automatic sliding door.

Apart from automatic doors, homeowner communities can also install access control systems at specific points around the residential development such as the sports area or swimming pool, thus reducing the chances of children suffering accidents.

Apartment blocks and garages

Least we should forget about security in garages and parking zones. The installation of this type of door and a video door entry system or a doorman increases security exponentially and residents will have no need to worry about their family’s safety.
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