The importance of automatic doors in busy catering services

If there’s one food service that’s fast, it’s catering. We’re used to seeing them at celebrations of all kinds, whether it’s a business meeting, a wedding, or another type of event.

This serving of food and drink often requires high speed by chefs and waiters, who rush from the kitchen to the lounge or open area where diners are gathered. Efficiency and coordination are essential, and automatic doors along their route are of great assistance.

First and foremost, they avoid sudden temperature changes in the kitchen, secondly they also help waiters go through the door without having to use their hands, which are most likely carrying plates, trays and glasses, and thirdly they prevent the door handles from being a focus of infection for pandemics such as coronavirus, as the doors open and close automatically thanks to the movement sensor and nobody has to touch them.

During these times of coronavirus, it is essential to follow the health measures ordered by the authorities, and in most cases catering is served in gardens, on patios, and in open spaces. In cool weather, it is essential that the kitchen doors do not remain open. Automatic doors guarantee closure of this area without having to keep an eye on them. Smart accesses help us forget about all this.

Automatic doors at cocktails and banquets

Hotels, properties, or places where this type of banquet or cocktail of food and drink are served should have automatic doors. Catering companies often travel around and this type of automated product is of great help during their working day.

There is an increasing number of businesses in the Horeca sector that have installed automatic doors in their facilities. Automatic sliding doors or swing doors are the perfect solution for hotels, restaurants, cafes, and for the catering industry.
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Juan Pérez
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