The best industrial automatic doors on the market

Industry has represented a key part of any country’s economy over the last few centuries. Agriculture-based societies were replaced by industrial societies and thousands of people moved from the countryside to cities in search of a better life.

Nowadays, industrial terrain is well-defined in cities and towns. Dozens of industrial warehouses occupy large areas where different companies from diverse sectors carry out their activities with the aim of making a monthly profit.

Many of these warehouses have automatic doors, whether in the areas set aside for offices or in the buildings used as logistics warehouses. Which are the best industrial automatic doors on the market?

  • Rapid roll-up doors: These open vertically and are ideal for locations with an intense circulation of people and mobile equipment, for example in warehouses and loading docks. An excellent option for any company.

  • High-speed stacking doors: These are designed for intensive use in large external access points. They afford a good flow of goods and protect the interior of warehouses from adverse weather conditions.

  • Fire doors: We should mention that Manusa industrial doors can be combined with fire doors, designed to prevent the spread of fires.

In addition to these models, there are other industrial doors with optimal characteristics for any company that requires this type of door.

For example, we have sliding doors that can be used to compartmentalise the different areas of a company; access doors to the industrial complex; or ATEX rapid roll-up doors which can compartmentalise explosive atmospheres where inflammable gases, vapours or combustible powders are handled.

The price of industrial doors varies in function of their size and characteristics.
Manusa guarantees the best value for money on all our products. Not to mention our outstanding after-sales customer service with high levels of user satisfaction.
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