Offices and energy efficiency. What can automatic doors provide?

Caring for the environment has become the flagship for thousands of companies worldwide, as well as associations, groups, governments, and private individuals. It is currently rather difficult to be fully sustainable at home, as our dwellings are perhaps old and it would be expensive to completely adapt them to ensure energy efficiency or because bureaucracy does not always make sustainability easy.

This is easier in office buildings. One of the tasks of the corporate social responsibility department is to ensure its company is energy-efficient. How is this achieved? Different action can be taken to achieve this. Today we’re going to talk about the importance of automatic doors in terms of sustainability.

Efficient doors thanks to automation

There is a wide variety of possibilities available when an architect designs an office building. Manual doors might be chosen that must be pushed by people to enter or exit the building or the rooms inside it, or the decision might be made to implement a project that includes automatic-type accesses to allow people to move around the office complex more easily.

The most standard are the automatic sliding doors. These are often seen in dozens of places, including airports, banks, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals, etc. They guarantee full energy efficiency in relation to the stability, for example, of the temperature in the building. A manual door might be left open by mistake, and this will be reflected in the energy bill due to the unnecessary squandering of heating or air conditioning.

Another types of product, such as telescopic sliding doors or curved or semicircular doors, also ensure our offices help care for the environment. We all have to do our bit to leave our children a better, more sustainable world.
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Juan Pérez
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