This is how employee access control works in a company’s offices

Most companies rely on a computerised control system to record how many hours each employee spends in the offices. They are known by several names, the most typical being clocking-in system or workplace attendance control.

With respect to on-site office work, the most effective form of control links the access control systems to the employees’ presence. Hence, if someone passes with their employee card, the access control will open or close while simultaneously recording the exact time in hours, minutes and seconds. Some companies have already implemented this attendance record system using fingerprints, facial recognition or iris identification.

The best employee attendance control for offices

Manusa is proud to have an extensive catalogue of automatic access control systems designed for installation in the entry point of an office building. Top examples include:

This type of automatic entry point has various advantages, such as security against unwanted intruders, hygienic, as users do not have to touch anything thus preventing the spread of diseases, accessibility, by facilitating the transit of people with reduced mobility, and adaptability, as they can be designed and installed in any space as required by the client.

These components undoubtedly improve the quality of working life of the employees at any company which installs them. They also provide an element of high-quality, modern design that has a positive impact on visitors and suppliers. All this gives the company added value over its competitors.

Manusa can also retrofit a company’s existing system or provide a comprehensive installation including pass-through prevention, software and readers. Alternatively, for any clients who want to keep their access control system, we can just change the pass-through prevention while conserving and integrating current software and readers.

If your company wants to improve its employees’ quality of working life with this type of automatic access, contact us without delay.
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