Intelligent accesses in coworking spaces during the coronavirus

On their return from the summer break, many companies from the different economic sectors have implemented all the health measures recommended by the authorities and governments. Protocols to avoid infection and the spread of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus have also been implemented in offices.

Work has also been carried out in coworking spaces where employees from different companies often work together. The companies owning these shared, collaborative workplaces have, to the best of their abilities, established different activities such as taking the temperature of people at the entrances, constantly cleaning the different areas of the property, enforcing the wearing of an official mask, distributing sanitiser gels, or recommending working with the windows open for as long as possible.

Many of these coworking offices do not yet have automatic doors or access controls. This type of intelligent access helps stop the spread of the virus, as users of the facilities do not have to touch a door for it to open or close. An automatic door is activated by a movement sensor, and this helps ensure infection is not that easy. Manual doors, on the other hand, must be constantly cleaned with sanitiser gel, bleach, or soap and water.

Automatic sliding doors for a coworking office

A very popular item in all types of office is the automatic sliding door, both at the entrance to the building and in the areas inside it. And not just for coworking, but also for any type of office complex that requires modernisation and to effectively tackle the coronavirus.

Other products should be implemented alongside this one, such as the elbow push button, the touchless sensor, or the capacity control system. Stopping the spread of the coronavirus also depends on the employees of any company. It’s a job for society as a whole.
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Juan Pérez
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