New recommendations to improve your office’s energy efficiency

More and more companies are deciding to get serious about energy savings in their offices. The development of an energy efficiency strategy has become an essential plan for many companies all over the world.

In this post we present some recommendations you can apply to reduce electricity consumption in your workplace. However, it is not the typical list of steps or measures, but rather a special guide that forms part of a series of products that will optimise your energy expenditure.

What is a thermal break?

At the cutting edge of office energy saving are doors that are primarily designed to act as a thermal break. What does this mean? Basically, A35 RPT door leaf profiles prevent the transmission of heat and cold.

This is achieved by ensuring there is no contact between the internal and external faces of the profile by inserting a thermal insulator and therefore reducing the loss of heat and cold.

Manusa‘s thermal break system consists of a polyamide partition that cuts any contact between the internal and external surfaces of door leaf. It has a compact design, just 35 mm wide, and is so versatile it can be used with glass panes measuring up to 28 mm thick, further improving the system’s heat transfer coefficient.

Products that provide maximum energy efficiency

Manusa RPT is installed as a complete solution, above and beyond just the door leaves, so it can be described as the best design for insulation and energy savings.

The installation of automatic doors with a thermal break helps office buildings achieve energy optimisation from the main entrance to the each of the departments and offices.

When a company’s offices obtain a good rating on their energy efficiency certificate they are considered to be sustainable spaces and a good place to work, positively increasing the efforts encompassed by their corporate social responsibility.

Energy efficiency and savings in offices

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