Manusa signs a partnership agreement with the pharmacy chain Ecoceutics

To improve the daily lives of customers and employees, the pharmacy chain Ecoceutics and the manufacturer of intelligent access systems Manusa have signed an agreement to install high-technology automatic doors in over 180 pharmacies located throughout Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Andorra.

The partnership means all the pharmacies affiliated to Ecoceutics can install Manusa automatic doors in their premises, as well as benefiting from special rates for the maintenance of automatic opening and closure systems.

Ecoceutics pharmacies are businesses which not only sell medicinal products, but their staff also care for and advise people when they are ill and help them prevent ailments.

Pharmacies experience a constant flow of customers. Manusa automatic doors enable customers to come and go more smoothly, as they ensure that people do not have to push or pull door handles to enter or exit the business. This also represents an advantage during pandemics such as the COVID-19 coronavirus is it eliminates the need for physical contact with the door or its handle.

A further benefit is that automatic doors in pharmacies help improve the building’s energy efficiency. This applies to both winter and summer months, whenever the HVAC system is running, as intelligent doors will automatically close when the sensor detects nobody is present, thus preventing any abrupt temperature changes inside the store.

Yet another advantage is the ability to control the number of customers inside the pharmacy. Thanks to a system that can be installed on Manusa automatic doors, Ecoceutics pharmacists will know how many people are inside the store at any given moment and can therefore avoid agglomerations.

Furthermore, automatic doors increase the level of protection against theft and robberies, as they can be opened and closed using a remote control from inside the pharmacy and therefore prevent the entry of anyone with bad intentions.

This partnership agreement will simplify customer access to Ecoceutics pharmacies and improve their visit and employees’ time at work. Manusa automatic access systems are at the cutting edge of intelligent technology and digitalisation, as demanded by modern market requirements.
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Juan Pérez
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