Automatic Access for Shopping Centres and Department Stores

Christmas is arriving, and thousands of physical and online businesses prepare to meet the high demand for goods, typical at this time of year. It is a time in which brands and companies increase their sales volume and turnover exponentially.

These shopping centres and stores receive a large influx of customers for a period of several weeks. Despite a large boom in online shopping, trips to actual shopping centres is a tradition for many people. Many families meet at Christmas, and visit shopping centres together for a stroll, to see the lights, to do some window-shopping and to buy gifts for their loved ones.

During this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it is very important for both customers and businesses to comply with the guidelines provided by health authorities for each specific place. Ventilation, the use of hand sanitizer and social distancing are already part of the daily routine for millions of people.

Manusa helps control virus transmission thanks to their smart accesses installed in large stores, shopping centres and shops. Automatic doors do not need to be touched by the customers to open or close them, thus preventing hands from being a source of transmission. Most businesses that have opted for this type of access use automatic sliding doors, that allow the fluid transit of people when entering or leaving the building, avoiding the crowded bottlenecks that can be so dangerous during the pandemic period we are going through.

How can the capacity in shopping centres be controlled during the Christmas period?

On the other hand, a capacity control system can be installed in large shopping centres. These help the security services to know in real time the number of people in the building, maintaining customer peace of mind when there is a large influx of visitors at specific times.

Christmas time is a happy time of the year, and at Manusa we actively contribute to ensure it remains that way. Do you require more information regarding our products for the commercial sector? Contact us now.
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