Which are the best automatic doors for pharmacies?

Pharmacies are an example of businesses that receive a very high daily volume of customers, in this case seeking medicines and other health-related products.

Many pharmacies have not yet adapted to technological innovations and automated their points of access to facilitate customer entry and exit. Automatic doors are the best solution in terms of enabling the smooth flow of pedestrians in any building. Which are the best intelligent systems for pharmacies?

Automatic sliding doors are the most popular for installation in all sorts of establishments. These doors provide a broader entry to the premises and greater visibility from the street, thereby generating added value to the business within. In addition, their high-quality materials, exposed to the full spectrum of weather conditions, are designed to ensure that they stand the test of time.

They make an ideal solution for pharmacies, as it is worth remembering that automatic doors simplify the passage of customers and help prevent the potential spread of contagious diseases, such as COVID-19, as people do not have to touch the doors or handles to push or pull them open. Pharmacies should be hygienic locations.

Besides automatic doors, it is important to consider the different types of access control systems. We recommend two models for pharmacies:

  • Automatic doors with a numeric keypad or RFID card reader for access to the storage room.

  • A Capacity Control System for accessing the store from the street.

Capacity Control Systems can prove extremely useful for pharmacies, as they help the pharmacist know exactly how many customers enter the premises. Whereas automatic doors with numeric keypads or RFID card readers serve to separate different spaces within the pharmacy with restricted access, such as the store room or office.

There are also other intelligent access systems that are frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry. Ferroflex, a Manusa company, offers industrial solutions for large pharmaceutical companies, including high-speed roll-up doors for access to warehouses or hermetic doors that delimit laboratories as airtight enclosures.

Additionally, Manusa Service comprises a team of professionals who help guarantee our clients’ automatic doors work correctly and ensure the safety of those who use them on a daily basis through regular inspections.
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