Gimnasio Arsenal, Madrid

Location Madrid
Sector Retail
Solutions Entrance door with Panic break-out system, without vertical rails. Lateral and central opening sectional doors with transparent leaves
Recently, there has been a growing trend in society to take care of yourself physically. Millions of people around the world do sports every day or several times a week to feel better and improve their physical appearance.

Gyms are one of the most profitable businesses in the retail sector. Although it is necessary to invest a significant amount of money in equipment and adequate facilities, today any entrepreneur who opens a gym will know that he or she will have plenty of customers. Young and old alike are taking part in activities to improve their physical fitness, tone up or strengthen their muscles to avoid injuries.

As with any type of business in this sector, it is essential to have basic features that help to improve the experience on the premises. And among these features we also include automatic accesses.

Manusa installed its products in the Gimnasio Arsenal, situated in the well- known Salamanca neighborhood, in the heart of Madrid. A five-story building of 8,500 square meters in which, in addition to the usual gym activities, it also has several swimming pools, a hairdressing and beauty salon, a cafeteria, a restaurant and other amenities.

The main entrance has an airlock system with two panic break-out system doors without vertical rails. The airlock system is considered the best solution to prevent drafts, and the panic break-out system, with its hinged leaves, offers the highest security without sacrificing the aesthetics provided by the transparency of the glass without vertical rails.

The sectional doors were installed with both side and central opening with fixed leaves, all with transparent panels. This successfully achieved a wider view and provided a feeling of open and diaphanous spaces.

Above all, the aim was for the clients to find a pleasant environment to improve their physical health. Something essential in a 21st century that is all about the small details.
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