Automatic Doors for Hairdressers’ and Beauty Salons

One of the most important features of automatic doors is the convenience they provide to customers of any establishment. Also, thanks to their minimalistic design, they create a sensation of spaciousness and well-being as it facilitates the transit of people.

These are features that perfectly encompass the personal care, cosmetics and beauty sector. When we go to a beauty clinic, a hair salon, a barbers’ or a massage centre, we hope to feel comfortable from the first moment we arrive. A door that opens when we arrive provides a sense of welcome and a positive image to the customer.

This type of smart access provides more space to the premises where it is installed, enabling the owner of the establishment to install more posts to carry out their professional tasks, more shelves with products, a larger reception desk or more seats in the waiting area.

The Best Smart Access for Barbers’ and Personal Care Premises

We have mentioned the advantages of automatic doors in beauty clinics, nail salons, hairdressers’ or massage centres. But, what are the best smart accesses to install?

Without doubt, the ideal one is the Manusa standard automatic sliding door. It is specifically designed to guarantee a low visual impact and the best integration within different architectural ensembles where it is installed. Its aesthetic elegance and excellent functionality are the reasons why it has been installed in a large number of beauty salons and hairdressers’. It can feature a bi-parting opening or a side opening, depending on the needs of the premises.

Once it has been designed, manufactured and installed by Manusa, we can choose the opening and closing speed of the glass leaves, connect it to a fire alarm, add an automatic lock or operate it by remote control.

Automatic doors offer numerous advantages that improve the customers’ visit and the day-to- day work of the employees working in the beauty sector. Would you like to install it in your premises? Contact us now.
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