Benefits of automatic doors in pharmacies

Automatic doors are products that have been well assimilated by society. In most countries, they are installed in a wide range of buildings and premises in sectors such as healthcare, food and hospitality, retail, offices or airports.

While it is true that most hospitals and clinics already have intelligent access systems in their points of entry, many pharmacies still use manual doors. Pharmacies that have undergone a refurbishment in recent years have nearly always opted for automatic doors to improve the access and flow of customers, suppliers and employees. So what advantages and benefits do they offer?

  • They simplify access for everyone. This particularly applies to the elderly or senior citizens who sometimes experience more difficulty walking or use a wheelchair. Another group who benefit from automatic doors are parents with young children in prams or pushchairs. As do any individuals who walk with the aid of crutches or present reduced mobility.

  • They improve energy efficiency. Manusa automatic doors are fitted with sensors that open or close the door when they detect someone’s presence or movement. This ensures that the door is not left open by accident and therefore helps preserve the temperature of the building whenever the heating or air conditioning is operating.

  • They help prevent infections. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has caused the public extra special attention to hygiene by washing their hands, wearing a face mask, and so on. When entering a pharmacy with automatic doors, customers do not need to touch the door or its handle, so they avoid potentially touching a virus with their hands.

Moreover, delivery personnel appreciate this type of automatic access because the pharmacy’s doors open instantly and without the dispatcher losing any of their precious time when loaded with stock.
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Juan Pérez
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