The effectiveness of automatic doors in retail areas during the sales period

Once the Christmas holidays have come to an end, large shopping malls and shops of all kinds start their sales period, which will run for several weeks and is used to give a new boost to the volume of sales. This retail practice is not only restricted to January, although it is extremely popular and a model in many countries at this time of the year.

Although a great many gifts and products are now purchased and sold through e-commerce, millions of people around the world will visit retail areas during this period to find a product at a cheaper price than before and to save some money at the start of the new year.

People will most likely enter and leave retail areas with carrier bags in their hands. There are several actions that the retail area can take to improve the customer experience in the shopping mall or in the shops and to avoid crowds.

Automatic doors ensure the easy movement of people

Manusa automatic doors help customers enter and exit the shopping mall easily, prevent sudden temperature changes, and avoid people touching the doors with their hands to open or close them, thus stopping the spread of any virus through touch.

Do you have a retail area or shop and want to improve your customer and employee experience? Contact us now and we will work on the design, manufacturing and installation of automatic doors in your business.
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