The Advantages of Automatic Doors in Laboratories

The health sector has also been closely linked to safety, hygiene, and extreme cleaning. Health professionals are aware of how important it is that all areas and materials are very clean and free from all types of bacteria and viruses, since patients may get infected.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, constant hand washing was seen as part of the routine of, for example, people who accessed operating theatres to perform surgical procedures. Now, the hygiene of everyone has come to the forefront because of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Some of the spaces that are also very conscientious about hygiene in all their elements are laboratories. These are places where a certain degree of sealing and insulation from outside areas is often required.

The installation of automatic doors in a laboratory allows us to create a totally-sealed area, and prevent contamination from suspended particles coming from outside. Whether it is a laboratory for analysis, chemicals, glass or any other type, Manusa’s intelligent access systems offer hygiene, tight sealing, functionality and safety.

Coronavirus-Free Laboratories

The doors are designed to guarantee the optimum level of cleanliness and are highly resistant to bacteria and other toxic agents. They provide exceptional sealing against dust and air particles, minimising their flow and the transmission of particles, pathogenic bacteria and other contaminants that may harm laboratory workers, their materials and equipment, or any kind of sample. The only viruses present should be those studied by the experts, so that they can work on putting an end to any pandemic.

Intelligent access systems guarantee a fluid transit of people in the different parts of the laboratory and annexed areas, without interruptions and without the need to use their hands to open or close doors. In this way, the work load of the facilities is reduced, increasing the useful life of the doors and notably reducing the number of malfunctions.

Apart from interior areas, access control elements can also regulate entry and exit points by means of electronic devices, preventing unwanted intrusions from unauthorised people. The health sector needs to have facilities that are free from bacteria and viruses. Automatic doors help to achieve this goal.
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