Automatic Doors for Train and Underground Station Platforms

One of the main features of train and underground stations which users of these types of public transport value the most is safety. The presence of monitoring agents, cameras and access control in many stations make passengers feel safe against potential thefts or other problems.

Alongside these safety elements, there are others that are becoming more and more common on underground and train station platforms. These are screens that prevent anyone from falling or jumping onto the train tracks. These glass screens have a series of automatic doors that coincide with the train doors when the train is stopped, and they open so that passengers can board or alight the carriage.

The installation comprises safety automatic sliding doors and automatic swing doors. Manusa, manufacturer of intelligent access systems, has already successfully installed this type of product in various underground and train stations.

In addition, ‘platform doors’ manage the transit of passengers, help to improve ventilation control of the installation, and prevent the tracks and surrounding area from filling with dirt and waste thrown by passengers waiting for the train.

In addition, these platform automatic doors improve and increase the frequency of trains on the stations, since drivers can increase the speed when entering and leaving these platforms, as passengers have no direct access to the tracks.

The transport sector continues to improve year on year in dozens of countries throughout the world. Proof of this is that elements such as automatic doors, intelligent accesses, or the enclosure of bus station bays are becoming more and more common.
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Juan Pérez
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