Validators at accesses for transport

When travelling by any kind of public transport, we must have a transport pass, a ticket or a receipt to confirm we have paid for the trip. We must often pass through a validator or an access control system to allow us through.

These are often seen especially on the underground and the train, although they are also becoming commonplace on other forms of transport, such as urban or interurban buses.

Manusa has developed validators that stand out thanks to their functions, their strong, stainless steel finish design, and the full, functional service they give to users. It is also a product that is fully prepared to tackle incidents such as power cuts or obstacles that might appear in the way.

Furthermore, their features include the possibility to install them on any type of public transport and their availability to integrate different validation systems.

In terms of safety, the product is fitted with photocells, a buzzer, personal identification and fraud control. The validators are equipped with a panic break-out system so that, in the event of an emergency or a power cut, the panels open automatically to ensure passengers can move and evacuate more easily.

Four operating modes have been established. On one hand, controlled entry and exit where people must identify themselves; secondly, controlled entry and free exit; and another two modes that are closed, so that access is blocked in both directions; and open, which offers no restrictions and its use is limited to special or emergency situations. In general, in cities we often see and use the first two modes described above.

Technology and ticket and personal data validators

The transport sector has also joined 21st century technology and trials are already being conducted in many cities for these ticket or personal data validators to perform the opening action following facial recognition or after the user fingerprint reader.
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