The Best Biometric Security Systems for Restricted Access Areas

One that most important issues in companies, both for themselves and their customers, is security. Safeguarding physical materials and intangible records, such as personal data and other data types, is highly regarded by society, and directly affects the reputation and corporate social responsibility of any company.

Third-party intrusions to an office building, industrial plant, commercial premises or other type of building has been controlled for many years by security cameras, and with the use of access cards and access codes.

Innovation has provided a further step in the last few years; nowadays, it is already commonplace to see biometrics linked to the opening and closing of automatic doors, and smart access system in restricted-access areas in all types of buildings.

Detection systems for reading fingerprints, facial recognition, voice recognition or retina scan make security inside or outside the building more robust. With these, access validation is unique.

What Automatic Doors use Biometric Access Control?

There is a series of Manusa products associated with biometric technology.

These are some of the examples that can be seen in sensitive areas, such as bank branches or office complexes dedicated to handling highly-sensitive information, which require greater levels of access control than any other company or public entity.

Together with these entry control systems, the Manusa automatic doors can feature a biometric system that not only improves security, but also provides a modern and avant-garde design to the facilities. Do you want to implement biometrics for accessing your building? Contact us now and we will advise you.
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