Remote Control in Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are an every-day feature that makes life easier for thousands of people worldwide. They are installed in a multitude of places such as shopping centres, shops, hotels, restaurants, industrial premises, airports, supermarkets or hospitals.

Although most automatic doors open and close without anyone controlling their operation, in many cases this product requires a remote control that allows the door to be operated remotely.

For decades, the most popular and standard remote control has been the one that opens and closes garage doors. It is a simple operation; by lightly pressing the remote-control button, the parking garage access door opens and closes without the need for people to get out of their vehicles.

But remote controls for garage doors are not the only type available. We can find various control systems for automatic doors that provide the ideal solution for efficiently managing entrances and exits of any type of building or enclosed area.

  • Óptima+ Programme Selector: This enables the door to be controlled remotely and feedback can be received thanks to the built-in IoT technology. It includes a screen and illuminated segments, making it visible from a distance and allowing for each status to be easily and intuitively identified; and a touch keypad that improves the user’s experience.

  • Manulink: It is a computer program that enables the user to view the state of the doors and access control devices locally or remotely. It is especially useful when there are various doors or access control devices distributed throughout a building.

  • Openlinx: It connects an automatic door to any inmotic system, building automation system or industrial communication bus, allowing the integrated and remote control of all modes, operating parameters and alarms within a system common to the rest of the building or infrastructure installations.

How is a Remote Control for Automatic Doors Programmed?

Programming the remote control is essential if we are to have an automatic door in our business or dwelling.

When programming, we can set the general control parameters, create various users, assign operation modes such as, for example, establishing if a door should operate automatically, whether it opens only as an exit or entrance, whether it remains always open or closed, or whether it operates only by remote control.
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