Tools that can help architects during COVID19

The crisis caused by coronavirus COVID19 has led to radical changes in the workplace. Many people around the world have been either permanently or temporarily dismissed from work, and many others have had to install their office at home and start doing their jobs via telework.

Architects are among the professions affected. Thanks to the BIM (Building Information Modelling) method, architecture and design professionals can work together to create and manage building projects.

The possibility of designing and working online, sharing contents over the internet, has enabled this profession to continue inventing and designing. There are different computer programs to carry out this work, such as Graphisoft BIMcloud or Autodesk BIM 360.

Technology for architects

There is also another type of digital tool that is not just used in architecture, but by an increasing number of people during this pandemic. For example, it is possible to store and share files containing BIM drawings, designs and documents in virtual spaces such as Google Drive or WeTransfer.

Furthermore, communication between colleagues is essential in any teamwork. Over recent weeks, keeping in contact through videocalls has become extremely relevant. Apps such as WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom will ensure members of an architecture studio can hold voice or video calls while they plan the project, or hold meetings with clients.

Manusa has an extensive catalogue of BIM files to help designers and architects view our automatic doors and accesses on their computer screens. In turn, they can show them online and in 3D to their clients in the same city or on the other side of the world.

A very important part of this home confinement involves disconnecting the digital world to connect with the real world. Being able to chat with our relatives under the same roof will make it easier for us to get through this period. We hope everything returns to normal as soon as possible.
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Juan Pérez
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