What is a BIM Manager?

Before presenting this important figure in the construction sector, we need to define the meaning of the acronym BIM. It stands for Building Information Modelling and refers to the information modelling tools that help us generate and manage construction works in all types of buildings and infrastructure.

But, who is commissioned with this task? The answer is the BIM administrator. They are in charge of making decisions regarding this matter. They choose the applications to use and define how the company’s BIM work is developed to comply with BIM standards in the company, and file the entire contents to work optimally in the short, medium and long term. Without doubt, an essential person in architectural studios.

When do we need a BIM Manager?

We need to rely on this person whenever the number of projects is high. It is better if this person is one of the company’s employees, but there will be companies that decide to hire somebody from outside.

BIM is managed through computer software with applications that enable us to model buildings’ data, as well as know their entire life cycle. During the structuring process, many BIM administrators are integrating automatic doors and access controls designed and manufactured by Manusa. A large number of Manusa BIM models may be found in this online library, available to architectural studios and interior designers that may wish to implement them.

More and more architects integrate automation into their private and public building design projects, something that improves the flow of people and energy efficiency of the buildings and supports sustainable strategies.
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Juan Pérez
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