How we built our history: the beginnings of Manusa

The success of a business is often based on its past, its work, and the values underpinning it as it progresses. At Manusa, we have known right from the start that we are what we are thanks to our experience since our beginnings. We have not relinquished our origins, which has enabled us to continue to grow with our sight set firmly on the future.

In the beginning, we sold automatic sliding and telescopic doors. We had several models with one, two or four leaves. As we started out in this sector that we now appreciate and love, we worked with two drive mechanism systems.

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On one hand was the electric model that involved door movement using an electric motor transmitted directly with no gears, clutches, etc. and using a special timing belt. Its main features included speed, safety, duration and silence.

On the other hand, we sold automatic doors with a pneumatic model mechanism. They were moved using compressed air supplied by an additional compressor. This type of access was suitable for installations of several doors that could be powered by just one compressor. This led to a very reliable material at a very reasonable price. It was a real innovation for its time in the seventies.

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We have always worked - and continue to work - to ensure our customers are fully satisfied. Hence our first catalogues of products included all the details of each of our automatic doors. Not only did they include the picture or diagram of the door, but also showed other features such as the photocell systems or the usual lengths of the contact mats.

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Perhaps, on seeing these images today, they might seem obsolete or old-fashioned. Automatic doors form a part of our lives and most people generally understand how they work, either when approached or by remote control. However, when our company started out these products were a real revolution. A revolution that makes us proud of our history and that has enabled us to remain at the forefront of the sector.
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