Manusa launches the "Imagine, open to the future" campaign

Manusa, a leading company in the creation of intelligent accesses and automatic doors, is launching the "Imagine, open to the future" campaign.

The concept "Imagine" is closely linked to freedom, dreams and creativity, all of which are words of great symbolic power in our society. The imagination of Manusa through innovation and design is a guarantee of progress.

Manusa is now present in this world we all imagine, in which people are at the centre of creations. A global, sustainable, intelligent, friendly, dynamic, accessible and safe world in which shared space is understood through coexistence.

Xavier Costa, Co-Ceo, described this campaign as “synonymous with progress, of brand evolution and adaptation to a constantly changing world". And he added that "we are creating access to the future from the present, always thinking of how to improve the accessibility and mobility of people".

José F. Medina, Co-CEO of the company, indicated that "the value of over 50 years of experience enables Manusa to lead changes relating to innovation in the sector".

The launch of this "Imagine, open to the future" campaign is accompanied by this corporate video that delves deeper into the aforementioned concept.

Established over 50 years ago, Manusa is a leading company in the creation, design and development of all kinds of intelligent accesses and automatic doors. It is present in more than 90 countries, and designs, produces, installs and maintains over 20,000 accesses each year.

It also has its own branches in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and China. Further information can be found on the company’s official website.
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