Manusa Launches the ‘Manusa Open To’ Initiative

Manusa, a company with more than 55 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of automatic doors and intelligent access systems, is strengthening for 2021 its commitment to people, innovation, the environment and society through the ‘Manusa Open To’ campaign.

The importance people have achieved within companies and organisation is becoming more and more relevant, not only as a fundamental factor for the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, but also as a driver for continuous improvement. Therefore, at Manusa, people are the main focus of all their activities, not just the more than 350 employees that comprise the company, but also all the customers and suppliers that make each day possible. Without them, it would not have been possible to become one of the leading companies in the intelligent access systems’ sector with a presence in over 90 countries.

This, in combination with innovation and technology, is a vital part of the company’s DNA, and is at the heart of their intelligent solutions. Opting for digitalisation and new working methods such as their Digital Work Place and, especially, the creation of an intelligent access ecosystem interconnected through the internet, which Manusa customers can interact with and integrate into buildings and other intelligent and more efficient global systems, make up the vision and evolution of Manusa. All of this makes Manusa a leading company aware that the keys to innovation are the cooperation and a creativity focused on people's needs.

Manusa's cornerstone for their environmental policies for 2021 lies in their continuous support for effective waste management. A clear example is the use and management of aluminium, the main raw material used by Manusa, as more than 85% of the generated waste is reused. This allows it to be recycled into aluminium profiles or similar items, creating a circular system with a positive impact for the industry, society and, above all, the environment. Manusa is ISO 14001 certified, advocating for environmental management and the systematic reduction of any environmental impact; this, in turn, contributes to improving the well-being and progress of current and future generations.

manusa empresa innovacion

Likewise, the social commitment through different solidarity initiatives makes Manusa a company focused on improving people’s lives. During the last few years, they have cooperated with ‘Fundació NouXamfrà’ to support and help in the training and work placement of mentally handicapped young people, so that they can achieve their maximum level of autonomy.
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