Manusa During Coronavirus: Innovation and Efficiency

These last two years have been marred by the health crisis caused by COVID-19, which has had an effect not only at personal level, but also across many industries and sectors.

In spite of that, here at Manusa we have continued working on innovative solutions, on smart access systems and automatic doors that help people and companies in day-to-day activities under any type of circumstances.

With automatic doors, we help reduce transmission in areas and buildings, as people do not need to touch them with their hands in order to access or leave a room or building. This improves confidence in society when accessing, for example, a shop, a restaurant or a hospital.

Controlling Limited Capacity Due to Coronavirus and Preventing Transmission

We also have other solutions available, such as capacity control, allowing shopping centres, cafés and large crowded areas to have real-time control over the number of people within a single space. Social distance is maintained and safety is increased when enjoying our leisure time.

To prevent COVID-19 transmission, constant ventilation is required in enclosed spaces. Windows are usually kept open; however, in many buildings it is not possible to open them, as is often the case, for example, in offices in large skyscrapers, or in windowless building designs such as those found in shopping centres or supermarkets.

In these cases, it is vital that the doors remain open. If the building has manual doors, these can be closed by a gust of wind or due to oversight. When installing automatic doors that open and close using a remote control, we can ensure the space is constantly ventilated, as the doors can be locked in the open position.

At Manusa, we are continually working on building innovation and efficiency. Do you need to improve your working environment against COVID? Contact us now and we will offer you the best smart-access solutions.
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