Manusa commits to positive industrialisation and adds its support to the “Positive Industry” movement

Manusa, the manufacturer of intelligent access systems, has joined the “Positive Industry” movement, an initiative created by the Spanish Association of International Industrial Companies (AMEC) of which Manusa has been an active member for many years now.

Positive Industry has been conceived to advocate industry’s role as one of the most powerful drivers of social and economic change. The group of companies that have signed on to this goal believe their actions should be beneficial for all stakeholders – employees, clients, suppliers and the community in general.

Therefore, they aim to promote a robust and diversified economy in which every sector maintains a strong, sustainable balance that encompasses environmentally friendly production, high-quality foods, goal-oriented services and well-known industrial brands that set a global benchmark.

Laia Guilera from Manusa explains that the movement “acts locally with the regions and societies that catalyse our journey to prosperity”.

The idea is to form part of a system that encourages the sectors that generate the most progress and which recognises industry as one of the most important players in social and economic change.

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In their declaration, AMEC underline the five principles of Positive Industry.

  1. To act strategically and with anticipation, for the good of the ecosystem to which we belong.

  2. To adapt swiftly and more amicably to an ever-changing environment.

  3. To collaborate with companies, organisations and society when we can contribute to the collective good.

  4. To be aware that our activity has universal consequences; think globally but act locally.

  5. To guarantee sustainability as the only roadmap towards progress for the company, society and the planet.

Manusa, alongside the other companies that have joined the Positive Industry movement, has purposefully resolved to ensure that the current change of era is as secure, cross sectoral and positive as possible for companies, society and the planet. “Because we believe in the future of planet Earth, in the opportunity of the times we live in and the transformational role of industry.”
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