Which Are the Best Automatic Swing Doors?

Most people, when they hear about automatic swing doors, they immediately think of garage doors for vehicles, or those providing access to a property or estate. These large metallic gates are in the mind of society.

In addition, there are other types of swing doors that not only do they provide a service outdoors, but they may also be installed and used in interior areas in a variety of buildings. They can be used to make the most of the available space and enable the fluid transit of people, in addition to improving the energy efficiency of those places where they are installed.

The Manusa Automatic Swing Doors are designed to provide functionality, safety and an impeccable stainless-steel design with high pressure (HPL) or mixed laminate. They adapt to the needs of each customer, and they can be opened to the left, to the right or centrally.

They feature personalised colours and finishes that can be perfectly integrated into any environment. They function by means of an operator of minimalistic design housed in rounded box, and can be personalised using a wide variety of accessories.

Apart from these features, it is important to highlight that this product has a special wind-proof operating mode; the function ‘Push & Go’ opens the door automatically if manually pressed; and a programmable speed for opening and closing the panels.

automatic door manusa swing puertas batientes abiertas oponed open puerta

Premises such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shops, shopping centres or residential areas already use automatic swing doors designed, manufactured and installed by Manusa.

Automatic Swing Doors Mechanisms

Many people and companies choose to install swing doors without consulting a professional, and this can lead to problems. The mechanism and automation of this product is not easy to install, although some low-price kits on the market claim that it is.
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