The Best Outdoors Automatic Doors

In most cases, automatic doors are located in outside areas. While it is true that many architectural projects use them in interior spaces to separate rooms or access locations inside a large building, in most cases automatic doors are located at the entrance to a shopping centre, hotel, supermarket or restaurant.

In contact with the street, the different automatic door parts, such as the profile or the glass, are subject to adverse conditions like inclement weather (hot, cold or rain), are struck either by accident or intentionally, etc.

Manusa automatic doors are designed and manufactured to overcome these types of problems. The materials employed in their manufacturer are of the highest quality for long-term durability.

Outdoors Automatic Sliding Door

One of the most demanded products by customers to install in building exterior spaces is the automatic sliding door. Here, the standard, telescopic and curved models stand out.

It is important to mention that the demand to install sliding doors in residential areas with detached houses has increased recently. The sliding door is the best and easiest solution, both to connect the house plot with the street, and to link the living area to the garden. Home automation is gradually becoming more and more common and it is a reality in many homes. The automatic door can be easily opened and closed using a remote control.

In this way, at Manusa we provide guidance to the family that wants to install automatic doors in their home; they can always rely on the experience of our highly-qualified, professional experts that will help them on site. This includes documentation, certificates and a fully-personalised maintenance contract.
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