The best wireless systems for opening doors

A lot of the technology around us at present no longer includes any type of cable that could limit its distance and mobility. This is the case, for example, of microphones, headphones, telephones or computer mice and keyboards. All these products now have a wireless version that makes them much more functional.

This technology is also used in access systems and in the opening and closing of automatic doors. This provides security, energy efficiency, and convenience for people. This type of product, which can be controlled remotely, improves capabilities and the user experience

Wireless controls on automatic doors

By security we should refer, for example, to being able to open or close a door remotely to allow or to refuse access to a given individual. Furthermore, energy efficiency involves the saving involved in being able to ensure that one of our doors has not been left open by mistake. All good practice in favour of sustainability. Therefore, we can activate the drive unit of one or several doors using software such as Manulink, through which we can check the status of the doors simply by looking at our computer screen.

Openlinx should also be mentioned, which is an advanced communications device that allows for control of our automatic door and access barrier systems. Or the Airlinx wireless program switch, which is a mechanism that allows for one or several automatic doors to be controlled remotely and for the reception of data on their status.

Without a doubt, this type of product makes access control easier in places with a significant number of automatic doors, such as shopping centres, hospitals, industrial complexes or airports.

On a lower scale, a remote control can be used to activate a door without having to approach it. Technological advances show that wireless systems will be gradually implemented more and more in the Internet of Things.
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