How to choose an automatic door. Design and features

Automatic doors can be found in most buildings and spaces in large and small cities. They can be seen, for example, in airports, bank branches, residential areas, hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping centres and offices.

It is undeniable that doors that open and close automatically make life easier and improve the transit of people in the buildings where they are installed. Just think, for example, when we leave a supermarket with our hands full; the sensor detects our presence and the doors open instantly, to our great relief.

They also improve energy efficiency, preventing sudden temperature changes and providing big savings in electricity bills; they help to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria, as people do not need to touch the doors to open them.

Architects and designers already include them in their projects. But on other occasions, it is the business owners or companies that decide to take the first step to install an automatic door, or to change the existing manual door. Which is the best automatic door? How much do they cost? Can access control also be integrated?

How to Change a Manual Door for an Automatic One

In order to change a manual door for an automatic one, it is important to contact an authorised professional and installer, who can provide advice and the maximum guarantee and professionalism throughout the process, including their technical after- sales service.

At Manusa we help you to choose the best automatic door for your business:

  • Possibility to personalise finishes and colours, for optimal integration in to the environment where it will be installed.

  • We adapt to each project so that the door is exclusive to each location; we are flexible and listen to the company or person requesting the installation.

  • Manufactured with high-quality materials. Our team of 250 professionals is fully qualified to ensure correct installation and optimal operation. Safety, functionality and decoration are guaranteed.

  • We are with you throughout the entire process. Our specialist technicians will be with you in all phases of the project process that require our services.

  • We have a technical assistance and maintenance service in charge of finding the solution to any problem, and carrying out periodic checks that ensure the correct operation of access points, not just for Manusa, but for other brands.

Designed and installed according to your needs, with the best leaves and drive units on the market. In addition, you may add accessories that complement the intelligent-access process. Let’s Talk.
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