The Useful Life of an Automatic Door

Like any other technological product, automatic doors have a certain autonomy. Manusa doors comply with the durability certificate of 1 million cycles, in accordance with the mandatory European standard UNE-EN 16361:2014+a1:2017.

Which features of Manusa doors guarantee a long useful life?

  1. Mechanical properties, such as impact-resistant glazing, doors that are resistant to impact forces when performing manoeuvres, as well as durability and wind-load resistance.

  2. Acoustic properties, their airborne noise insulation rate.

  3. Thermal transmittance (U), which is the amount of heat exchanged with the exterior.

  4. Air permeability.

  5. Watertightness.

Manusa automatic doors feature all the properties above; therefore, they are safe elements in locations where they have been installed.

Their drive units, covers, leaves, profiles, or any other elements that comprise the door set are manufactured with the most suitable materials, and their assembly has been carried out following the strictest quality and safety controls.

But we must never forget that automatic doors require periodic maintenance in order to guarantee their useful life, and to prevent any incidents. For this purpose, Manusa has a maintenance technical team who, through both preventative and safety check-ups, guarantees correct operation and eliminates possible risks to users.
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Juan Pérez
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