How do automatic doors affect sustainable projects?

Sustainability has become one of the cornerstones of any company seeking to improve its corporate social responsibility and to protect the environment and the planet.

Both large corporations and SMEs alike are working to ensure that their everyday work includes aspects that enable their staff to perform their professional roles in the most sustainable manner possible. Initiatives range from using cardboard materials instead of plastic to travelling by public transport or controlling the temperature in offices as efficiently as possible.

Installing automatic doors is a practice that is also being implemented and which helps companies reduce spending. This approach exponentially improves the energy efficiency in any building, be it an airport, a bank, a hotel, industrial premises, a shopping centre, a hospital or an office complex.

Social commitment and automation to increase sustainability

The installation of Manusa automatic doors guarantees that hot air from heating or cold air from air-conditioning is not dispersed. Automating work processes improves the quality of work of employees and in turn makes for a healthier company.

The durability of automatic doors ensures that a business does not need to change its doors frequently. A manual door deteriorates more quickly and is more easily damaged since it endures regular contact and its hinges inevitably suffer wear and tear.

Also, let’s not forget that intelligent access facilitates public transit, consequently preventing overcrowding at entry and exit points in any building. Over the coming years we will see the transition towards automatic accesses in all types of construction and property, for personal convenience and for the good health of our planet.
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Juan Pérez
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