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In bus stations, especially those with high traffic, it is essential to guarantee the safety of passengers on the platforms. The automatic platform doors are designed to meet the increased traffic demand in the stations, and, as they can be configured individually, they are perfectly adaptable to all types of stations, both new constructions and refurbishments. These doors include auxiliary systems which synchronize their opening and closing in an automatic, coordinated and safe way. To ensure passenger safety when boarding and disembarking the bus, the Manusa automatic platform doors ensure the separation between the platform and the vehicle's stopping area, preventing passengers from entering in unauthorized areas. With modular configuration it can be adapt to all types of stations. Necessary in BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) systems to guarantee the safety of users. They are complemented with bus to platform communication systems to increase the performance of the overall system.


Systems Peripheral management control systems
Design Robust and functional design.
Security Safety space between dock and vehicle stop area
BRT System To guarantee safety users
Customizable Supports different manufacturing heights and widths.
Structure Highly durable, reliable and adaptable.


Manusa accessories that can be used


It has been specially designed to meet the security needs of bus lines with high traffic, adopting Metro environments.


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Frequently asked questions about automatic platform doors

What is the purpose of automatic platform doors?

Enclosed platforms or stations, generally bus or trolleybus stops, are often used in transport networks. Manusa automatic platform door systems consist of a series of devices in both the station and on board the vehicles that safely and automatically coordinate when the platform and vehicle doors open and close.

Our automatic platform doors comprise a high performance Manusa operator and a series of sliding and fixed leaves in a modular assembly that can be adapted to any infrastructure, whether newly constructed or pre-existing.