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The fixed EI glass installations came from the need of a permanent system of protection against the spread of fire, providing total transparency through installations highly resistant to fire. These glass installations are available with or without frames. The framed option of EI-classified glass is made up of a metal frame with a thermal bridge. Its insulating elements and swelling of the strips seal the holes preventing any passage of flames if significant increase in temperature occurs. The glass used, completely clear and transparent, correspond to classifications ranging from EW30 to EI120. We have several different options available, from permanent standalone installations to adjoining sliding glass, with or without fixed top glass panels. The standalone installations without separators allow greater transparency. In this case, only a silicate frame is necessary. It is possible to partition large permanent installations. Fixed EI glass installations are tested and certified by approved laboratories according to regulations. The technical and compositional characteristics vary depending on the specific requirements, with the following metallic structures available, aluminium and stainless-steel plates.


Fixed elements
Certificate According to fire-resistant standards
Insulation To partition and prevent the spread of fire
Finishes Metallic lacquered, lacquered or anodized aluminium, rustless


Our EI class glass fixed elements are designed with complete attention to detail. We ensure their effectiveness in case of fire risk in premises such as hospitals, commercial centres and shops, hotels, offices, and public transport stations.


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Frequently asked questions about EI class glass fixed elements

What are EI class glass fixed elements used for?

An EI class glass fixed element is a passive fire protection system designed to stop fires from spreading. They are available with or without a frame by applying butt glazing. They can be installed in Manusa automatic fire doors to offer even greater safety and isolation.

These elements can be custom made to any dimensions in order to fit the opening, but while always respecting the limitations observed during testing. There are various solutions available from independent fixed units to a fixed continuous facing, upper fixed elements, special forms and even large-scale fixed partitions for large spaces.