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Glazed fire doors

"Glazed fire doors combine the performance and aesthetics of an automatic door with flame-resistant and fire insulating properties. "

Manusa Glass Fire-Doors Certificate

To certify their fire resistance, Manusa glass fire doors have been tested and classified in accordance with the applicable legislation UNE-EN 13501-2:2009+A1:2010. This standard makes reference to the classification regarding the behaviour of the construction materials and elements for building against fire. 

Classification of Glass Fire-Proof Doors

Manusa automatic and swing fire doors are available with different classifications, depending on the fire-protection needs of the customer. There are three main classifications for this type of door: those with the E (integrity) classification are those that, for a set period of time, no flames or gases will occur on the surface that is not exposed to the fire.  The doors with the EI (integrity and thermal insulation) classification are those for which, for a set period of time, no flames or gases, nor any significant heat transfer, will occur on the surface of the door that is not exposed to the fire.  Finally, the doors with the EW (integrity and reduced thermal radiation) are those which, in addition to protecting from the initial radiation of the flames and gases, will limit the transfer of heat radiation and prevent combustion from starting in the adjoining sector. 

Manusa Glass Fire-Proof Doors Maintenance

Checking the airtight seals and the closing points of the door regularly is fundamental to ensuring that the fire doors serve their purpose in the event of an emergency. Also, follow up the state of the glass, in order to detect any cracks or bubbles that may be a symptom of a possible breakage; this may prevent potential incidents. Therefore, good door maintenance is essential. Manusa offers different types of maintenance contracts, that can be tailored to the needs of each customer.