High-speed roll-up door for automated production lines


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The high-speed roll-up door for automated production lines is the best solution for protecting operators on production lines from automated processes involving machinery and/or processes that might involve a hazard. This door is prepared for intensive use and minimum maintenance. Its high opening and closing speed guarantee a minimum cycle time, offering high performance, reliability and, most importantly, a safety barrier. This product is compliant with all regulations and the type of fabric and detection systems can be personalised to suit requirements.


Adaptability To the specific needs of the installation.
Innovation In the latest technologies and materials used.
Safety Tested for applications on process lines and in automation as a physical protection barrier.
Special regulation For automated processes (Ple and SIL3) and impact and cut resistance tests.


The door for automated production lines is equipped with side guides made of anodised grey extruded aluminium on the exterior and on the interior profile. The interiors are made of galvanised steel and include a special self-lubricating guide system. The 2 mm thick fabric is available in different finishes and can includes transparent vision panels of different sizes for an easier view of the inside of the machine or the process. It is also equipped with guide and spool systems to ensure it remains attached in the event of impact.


Its safe, adaptable and innovative design is ideal for locations with heavy traffic and ensures the high-speed roll-up door for automated production lines adapts perfectly to industrial environments.


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