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The high-speed roll-up self-repairing doors have been created to give an innovative and unique solution to spaces with high traffic such as loading and unloading areas. It has a side zipper that guarantees tightness and makes it highly resistant to wind. This zipper is key to its self-repair feature. In the event of a collision the curtain leaves the sliding guide to avoid it from breaking, then when the door is raised, the side rack re-inserts itself into the guide, thus allowing it to be used without further intervention. Our high-speed roll-up self-repairing doors are manufactured on a steel metallic plate structure with an aluminium roll-up shaft that allows the curtain to be raised with ease. High-speed roll-up self-repairing doors are the best option for all entrances and separations of different areas of a company building. They have a high level of tightness and high wind resistance, which makes them one of the most competitive models on the market.


Low maintenance Self-repairing system in case of collision
Wind resistance Designed for indoor and outdoor areas
Door panel M2 self-extinguishing fireproof curtain made of high-resistance polyester fabric.
Tightness Avoid airflow thanks to the guidance system
Speed Frequency converter to regulate the speed of the doo.
Security Unlocking lever in case of power failure.


Steel metallic plate structure, available in lacquered RAL. Option of including vision panels with customized shape, size and positioning, with also the option of a photo quality screen-printed curtain.


Thanks to its design and effectiveness, the high-speed roll-up self-repairing doors are ideal to protect entrances to certain areas of laboratories, hospitals, shops, supermarkets and the sectioning off of certain areas in factories.


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