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The hydraulic table lifts have been designed to facilitate loading in any type of factory, laboratories and warehouses. They are manufactured according to specific requirements and are used to bridge the unevenness of surfaces to make movement of goods easier. Our technical team studies each project carefully and offers the best solution so that the different loads at different elevation levels can be moved as agile and practical as possible. With a non-slip trade plate, it is possible to bridge the different levels for interior and exterior areas of the warehouse or factory. Designed to withstand the transit of the desired load, it is logistically the best solution for vertical movements. We comply with the highest guarantees of security for every sector.


Finish Degreasing process, anticorrosive primer and RAL polyurethane Paint to ensure its durability
Security Tread plate base to avoid slips
Dynamic and static load Resistant according to the necessary technical specifications
Operating mode Via a hydraulic system controlled by an electrical system

Technical specifications

  • It can support loads of up to 10,000 kg
  • It can be manufactured with a length up to 5 meters
  • Progression stroke 0.6 times its length
  • All models can be supplied in stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized, painted or a combination of these finishes
  • They are made of smooth or teardrop sheet metal

Optional equipment

  • Different types of lift tables: single, double or multiple
  • The travel is 800 to 1,600 mm depending on the model
  • The lower bench allows fixing to the ground
  • Possibility of finishing in galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • Possibility of retractable lip or hinged lip
  • Different load capacities. Consult


RAL 9005


Ferroflex hydraulic table lifts combine cutting-edge technology with the best design, making them the perfect solution for loading and unloading goods in industrial, sanitary and commercial sectors. We are always looking to maximising safety and facilitating the transit of goods.


  • Obligatory European rule UNE-EN 1398
  • 98/37/EEC concerning machines’ security
  • 89/336/EEC concerning electromagnetic compatibility
  • 73/23/EEC concerning low voltage
  • 89/106/EEC concerning building products


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Frequently asked questions about hydraulic lift tables

When is it recommended to install a lift table?

It is recommended to install them in working areas where loads are moved between areas with two different ground levels, as a solution for those customers that cannot have a pit for installing a loading ramp. They are a useful positioning tool in different productive processes, as a solution to architectural barriers or as an auxiliary element to address ergonomic issues.

The type of lift table, the height of the elevation, and the maximum load weight. If it is higher than three metres, a forklift should be used instead of an industrial lift table.

There are different models adaptable to any production. The simple model, designed to place or transport goods between different heights, the double model for handling loads up to 5,000 kg, the multiple model, when greater height is required, the special models, that can lift loads with large dimensions, and the extra-flat models, which can be installed directly on the ground.