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Industrial sliding fire doors

Industrial sliding fire doors ready for sectioning areas in case of fire and preventing it from spreading.

Industrial sliding fire-proof doors certifications

These doors have successfully passed the different trials for fire-resistance and smoke-control tests for doors, opening enclosure elements, and opening windows. The EI 60, EI 90 and EI120 doors have been certified in their entirety, having undergone trials in accordance with the UNE EN 1634-1:2016+A1 2018 standard, and in accordance with the classification of the UNE EN 13501-2:2009 standard.

Does the sliding fire-proof door close automatically?

Yes, it closes by a mechanical system that is released by the fire control unit. Its function is to protect areas from the effect of flames and prevent the temperature from rising significantly on the opposite side to the fire.

Using the sliding fire-proof door as a standard industrial door

These doors are always open and held by an electromagnet connected to the fire control unit. When it closes as a result of an alarm or drill, it needs to be returned to the open position manually.