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The PVC pedestrian swing doors are the best solution for isolating different areas in a simple and comfortable way, allowing rapid and free-flowing passage of both people and machinery. The opening force is adjustable, which guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation, and its oscillating system allows great maneuverability of passage. Installing the doors is quick and easy. The PVC canvas makes it possible to choose the degree of transparency or opacity, depending on the client’s needs. Furthermore, the PVC canvas is very flexible, which makes it shock resistant.


Partitioning Easily and comfortably
Traffic Fast and fluid passage of pedestrians and lift trucks
Leaves Leaves overlapped between them to get more insulation
Insulation Thermal and acoustical
Resistant PVC is a material that is highly resistant to knocks and withstands the test of time.
Customizable The PVC sheet offers the option of choosing the degree of transparency or opacity depending on the needs of each client.
Opening The opening force is adjustable and fixed interlock at 90 degrees.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum dimensions: 2800 x 3000 mm
  • Indoors and outdoors use
  • Structure: anodised aluminium
  • Opening direction: horizontal swing, both directions
  • The opening force is adjustable through a torsion spring
  • PVC curtain

Optional equipment

  • PVC curtain available: completely transparent, half-half model with grey bottom, completely opaque (grey) or sandwich with a glazed frame in the middle and grey top and bottom
  • Leaves available: 1 o 2
  • Protector finishes in anodized aluminium and RAL lacquered


RAL 1003
RAL 5002
RAL 5005
RAL 5010
RAL 6026
RAL 7037
RAL 7038
RAL 8014
RAL 9005
RAL 9016
RAL 2004
RAL 7016
RAL 3002



Their small dimensions allow them to be installed in the narrowest of passages. Hospitals, factories, slaughterhouses, shops, supermarkets, etc. They can be adapted to any area.


  • 89/106/EEC concerning building products


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Frequently asked questions about swing pedestrian doors

Where can a swing pedestrian door be installed?

The PVC swing pedestrian door is the best solution for insulating different areas simply and conveniently, whilst facilitating fast, flowing transit of both people and machines.

Yes, the opening force can be adjusted using the hinges springs, with fixed interlocking at 90 degrees. Its to-and-fro system greatly facilitates transit manoeuvrability. Its installation is quick and easy, in addition to guaranteeing thermal and noise insulation, since the leaves overlap.

The fabrics are made from 5-mm thick PVC, with a choice of: totally transparent, mixed with the lower part grey, totally opaque in grey, and triple mixed with the middle part transparent. Thanks to its flexibility, PVC is a highly resistant material against ageing and impacts.